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Demiurge Studios makes mobile, console, and PC games featuring deep systems and memorable characters. Try our new epic puzzling RPG with SEGA, Puzzle & Glory, and our hit mobile game, Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Creating games is our passion. Founded in 2002, we joined SEGA Networks’ family of studios in early 2015. We bring years of development expertise to our original projects, Shoot Many Robots, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and Puzzle & Glory. 

Based in Cambridge, MA, our developers have worked with.

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We're a little obsessed with our new game. pic.twitter.com/lhdVNTzVhy 12:54 PM, Nov 20th (EDT)

Jean Grey is back @MarvelPuzzle as The Phoenix. More on her badassery here: bit.ly/1SITc3Q pic.twitter.com/G15ipl9Zmi 12:30 PM, Nov 11th (EDT)

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