24th Feb 2017 / Kamela Dolinova 1

The anticipation was high in Demiurge’s seemingly-ever-shrinking game room after co-founder and -conspirator, Tom Lin, called a “surprise” company meeting at 10:30 am.  

Normally nobody likes the sound of “surprise company meeting,” but then most folks already knew what was happening and were unconcerned, even cheerful!

This also could have been the result of surprise company meeting pastries, however. (Thanks again, Basil Tree Catering!)


Yes, we were gathering for yet...

19th Dec 2016 / Kamela Dolinova 0

Yes, however much we may fight it, the holidays are here again, and with them, the time-honored traditions of barbecue, silly hats, and the ruthless theft of those randomly chosen gifts we hold most dear.

For the 13th year (number made up) of Demiurge's holiday BBQ lunch and Yankee Swap, the usual suspects made their appearance: delicious cornbread, cheap-ass presents, and a metric whacke of leftover salad.

The food, from Blue Ribbon Barbecue, was excellent as always, and there was more...

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1st Nov 2016 / Kamela Dolinova 2

This year's Halloween at Demiurge went about how you would expect at this point if you are one of our blog devotees. There was way too much candy, some ridiculous decorations, zero trick-or-treaters, and a few die-hards in the office who went the distance with costuming.

Now granted, for some, "the distance" is "back to the dev space to grab that squid hat we have lying around," but for the most part, there's some serious dedication going on here, so naturally we held a contest. 

30th Aug 2016 / Demiurge Studios Team 2

As Demiurge approaches its 15th year of existence, the population of long-term employees continues to climb. (Funny how, like, time passes and stuff, isn't it?) Our first ten-year veteran will be joined by four more (!) in 2017. But in the meantime, we're proud to celebrate our latest member of the five-year club: engineer Andrew Wesson!

As is customary, Tom Lin did the honors of presenting Andrew with his fancy Demiurge logo bag, and telling embarrassing stories about when he first...

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18th Aug 2016 / Demiurge Studios Team 4

In the heat of July, in the wilds of Gloucester, MA, at the height of Pokemon fever, Demiurge had its first-ever summer beach party. This was an interesting feat of logistical gymnastics, involving a Uhaul van, some grills from Amazon, a whole lot of shopping, and some early arrivals running interference at our picnic area. (We got a permit to have our party there, but given that nobody had marked it, random people were coming in, setting up shop, and defending their territory like...