22nd Jul 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

We're excited to officially announce our next game, Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings, the player-versus-player follow-up to our first original title, Shoot Many Robots! The new, standalone game Arena Kings is an online deathmatch that pits players against each other in a game of (porcelain) thrones. In “Royal Flush” the Kings must murder each other to collect their crowns, and flush them down a teleporting golden toilet, naturally. New content and updates are being added to the game weekly,...

12th Jun 2012 / Kurt Reiner 13

Demiurge is developing the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines with our longtime partners at Gearbox Software and publishing partner Sega. As huge Aliens fans, we’re honored to contribute to this missing chapter of the renowned series. And as huge Nintendo fans, we're thrilled we get to push the envelope of Wii U development. We’re bringing some unique features to the Wii U that aren’t possible on other platforms. Using the Wii U GamePad’s motion controls, you can use the screen as a...

24th Feb 2012 / Kurt Reiner 9

Demiurge's first original title, Shoot Many Robots, is launching internationally on PSN & XBLA on March 13 & 14, repsectively. We've been pouring our hearts into this game, and we're unbelievably excited to finally release it into the wild.

Celebrate Pi Day while murdering some toasters! Or, you can celebrate Shoot Many Robots Day by murdering a pie.

12th Dec 2011 / Kurt Reiner 0

Our latest game, The Nightworld, is now available in the Apple App Store! The Nightworld is a third-person stealth action game where you must survive as one of the last humans in an apocalyptic wasteland where resources are scarce and only the stealthy survive. The cold, lonely traps and betrayals of The Nightworld will see only the most cunning of players complete missions and collect resources in order to survive.

The Nightworld App launched alongside a novel of the same name, written by...

7th Sep 2011 / Kurt Reiner 0

Demiurge Studios was at PAX Prime this year, showing off Shoot Many Robots! We brought along our buddy, the Fruit Fucker of Penny Arcade fame to show off the crazy gear Walter can equip in the game. When Jerry (aka Tycho, in the second picture) stopped by our booth during setup to check out the game, we surprised even him with how far we took the Fruit Fucker animations. Let’s just say that little robot *really* loves Walter’s skull. Oh, and he adds Penetration to your bullets.

We showed...