Internal Tech: A Retrospective

0 31st March 2016 Andrew Wesson

Here at Demiurge, we can move around a lot from project to project. That’s not always the case, but if you like variety, there’s plenty of it here to go around. For a while I had been on some of our newer projects, but recently I moved back onto Marvel Puzzle Quest for a short stint. Seeing our 3 year old codebase for the first time in over a year made me realize how far our tech has come since then.

Back in the day, Demiurge did a lot of contract work. This meant jumping in and out of...

A Worthy Opponent

22 12th August 2015 Justin Libby


"’The computer cheats.' - That's what they say in the forums."

"Well, does it?" I asked myself.  It was my second month at Demiurge Studios, and I was curious how the Marvel Puzzle Quest game engine worked. It was lunchtime, and I was hounding my fellow engineers with questions: “Does it look at the upcoming tiles?  Does it try to set up combos?  Does it target player tiles?  Oh, oh, oh! Does it intentionally drop new tile colors to mess up your turn?”

I was a big fan of D3's...

iOS 64-bit

2 1st April 2015 Chris Ho

As of February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the Apple App Store must include 64-bit support. Our engine was already “64-bit ready”, but there are always surprises and new challenges when adding support for a new architecture or platform, and iOS 64-bit was no different. While updating Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS 64-bit, we also managed to make a pass at making the engine more robust and consistent and now our engine is in a better place now to handle memory paradigm shifts in the future....

Falcon Game UI

1 12th January 2015 Joseph Zupko

Winston Churchill’s oft-quoted line on democracy mirrors the Demiurge Studios view of Adobe Flash: the worst form of game UI, except for all the others. We’ve struggled with Flash, and we’ve triumphed with Flash.

For our current and past projects, we’ve used commercial Flash runtimes to drive our Flash based UI (Autodesk Scaleform or RAD Game Tools Iggy). For future projects, we’ve begun exploring a different approach, our own library called Falcon.

With Falcon, we’ve dropped much of the...

Flash Bugs

1 24th November 2014 Andrew Wesson

Here at Demiurge, like many other studios, we use Flash for authoring our UI. Marvel Puzzle Quest, being a 2D game and functionally acting like a series of UI screens, has almost 100% of its content created in Flash. While Flash has a lot of nice features that allow our developers to easily author, layout, and animate our UI screens, it also has its fair share of issues. Recently we ran into a fairly sneaky one with some very noticeable consequences.

For a couple of releases in a row, we...