Demiurge takes hiring seriously - we view it as the most important decision to get right in game development. With years of experience to refine our hiring process, Demiurge assembles experienced developers, geniuses fresh from college, and incredible talents from outside of the games industry.

Our core hiring philosophy guides every addition to the team: Be the best at something new. As a result, we boast a team with amazing breadth and individuals who go deep in their specializations.



Albert Reed

General Manager, Co-founder

Albert is General Manager and co-founder of Demiurge Studios. In this role, Albert drives the studio’s product strategy and manages day-to-day operations. Albert holds a B.S. in Technical Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Tom Lin

Creative Director, Co-founder

Tom creatively directs creatives at Demiurge, directly. He’s led the art & design teams for over a decade at Demiurge, from console to PC to mobile titles. Tom holds a B.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon University.


Chris Linder

Lead Engineer, Co-founder

Chris wears many hats. He leads the live events team on Marvel Puzzle Quest, spearheads analytics data interpretation at Demiurge, and has acted as engineering/project lead on multiple titles. Chris received a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, with a minor in fine art from...

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Latest Featured Employee:

Dave Guskin

We want to showcase the massive talent here at Demiurge, so after a long hiatus, we’re starting up the Featured Employee column again. This month’s feature is Game Designer Dave Guskin, who combines the powers of tremendous good cheer and ultra-clever thinking in his superheroing about the...

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Past Featured Employees: