1st Nov 2016 / Demiurge Studios Team 6

This year's Halloween at Demiurge went about how you would expect at this point if you are one of our blog devotees. There was way too much candy, some ridiculous decorations, zero trick-or-treaters, and a few die-hards in the office who went the distance with costuming.

Now granted, for some, "the distance" is "back to the dev space to grab that squid hat we have lying around," but for the most part, there's some serious dedication going on here, so naturally we held a contest. 

This year, the stakes were a bit higher; besides the Trophy of Epic Gaudiness that we awarded to QA Joey last year for his star turn as Princess Leia, we had a few fun little Marvel-related prizes to give away, like a sweet Punisher t-shirt and a Hydra battle Lego set. Oh and uh, this. 

Also, this priceless Iron Man pumpkin kit. Pumpkin not included.

Battling for these amazing prizes were, from left to right, above:

  • Noah, dressed as an origami lobster samurai (seriously, though, that costume is made of all folded paper!
  • Zak, as Steven Universe (complete with cheeseburger backpack, not shown)
  • James, as the photobomber with the squid hat (disqualified)
  • Paige, as her own interpretation of Pizza Dog, which is to say a Domino's guy in a terrifying enormous bulldog mask
  • Amanda as Joyce from Stranger Things, complete with Christmas lights
  • Justin as Tiger Dancer from Zootopia, whose smooth realistic tiger face over a human head shape will haunt my nightmares
  • Susan as Ali Wong, a comedian who apparently did a recent comedy special while hugely pregnant


Naturally we conducted this deathmatch in the traditional, non-partisan way for which we are not at all famous: a Google poll. But the numbers spoke (this was also a little terrifying), and the winners of the day were clear.

Taking the runner-up prize was Amanda, with her flawless Joyce costume. Really it was the incredibly nervous facial expressions that did it, I think.

And in first place, Paige the Pizza Dog! If only she could see or speak in that mask, I'm sure her immense excitement and gratitude would be clear.

Congratulations, Paige and Amanda! Hold that trophy proudly, and protect each other. There's a lot of weirdos out there. Apparently.

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