30th Aug 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

Demiurge doesn't have a booth at PAX Prime this year, but we're there in spirit! Sega and Gearbox are showing off the Escape mode we created for Aliens: Colonial Marines. As the Marines, you'll have to fend off swarms of Xenomorphs to reach safe areas. Make it in good time and with all teammates intact, and you'll earn a better score. Playing as a Xenomorph, it's your job to prevent the Marines from reaching their goals. Climb on walls and crawl through vents to surprise-attack the Marine forces.

If you're at the show and get a chance to play it, let us know what you think! Also, let us know if you see anyone cosplaying as P. Walter Tugnut from our Shoot Many Robots. Because that would be epic.

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