4th Jan 2013 / Kurt Reiner 8

It was a close race up until the very end!  Jimmy was ahead by one or two votes and it looked like he had this one in the bag, which would have made him the reigning champion two years in a row.  His Vincent Price-esque stash made him seem to be right out of Hollywood circa 1959, and we applaud him for his creativity. 

But it was the sheer volume of Nick's mustache that captured our hearts - and the last few votes - in the end.  Josh said it best: "Nick looks like he was born to grow a mustache".  Artfully shaping it to look like he starred alongside Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer in the movie "Tombstone" didn't hurt either. 

So this year it was Nick who took home the coveted mustache mug/trophy, along with the One-Year-of-Glory that Demiurgers regard with only the utmost respect and admiration.  Who will it be next year?  Only time will tell. 

Oh, heck yes…

Jan 04, 2013


Jan 31, 2013

Haha, nice moustache and all but my pulserifle and I need a release date! smile

Feb 05, 2013

Cool mustache - a real man.

Mar 27, 2013

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