30th Aug 2016 / Demiurge Studios Team 5

As Demiurge approaches its 15th year of existence, the population of long-term employees continues to climb. (Funny how, like, time passes and stuff, isn't it?) Our first ten-year veteran will be joined by four more (!) in 2017. But in the meantime, we're proud to celebrate our latest member of the five-year club: engineer Andrew Wesson!

As is customary, Tom Lin did the honors of presenting Andrew with his fancy Demiurge logo bag, and telling embarrassing stories about when he first started at the company. We also enjoyed the culinary services of Sweet Cupcakes once again, who made us adorable logo cupcakes in several varieties of oh-my-god-sugar. 

Since Alex's celebration, we have added a new feature to our five-year acknolwegement ceremony: a minimalist framed photograph, to live on the wall next to the ostententatious portrait. At this rate t won't be long before our walls are basically papered in the pretty faces of Demiurge employees. 

Happy five years at Demiurge, Andrew! Enjoy that cupcake! Use your bag with pride! Don't fall asleep at your desk from the sugar crash!


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