20th May 2011 / Kurt Reiner 0

One thing is for sure – staying creative means being open to new things, even if they seem not-so-good at first glance.  Demiurge wouldn't be where it is today if we had shied away from everything that sounded like (gasp!) a bad idea.  After all, starting a video game development company out of your college dorm room might sound risky to some, but it ended up being a truly excellent idea in the end.  You could say it’s the Demiurge Way ™ to examine a problem or idea from all angles, and to never disregard a new method, thought process or concept without giving it a good whirl around the old noggin first. 

It is in this vein that Bad Idea Fridays were born.  Headed up by our Creative Director, Tom Lin, Demiurgers brown bag it and discuss various topics specifically chosen to keep our innovative juices flowing. 

The following picture serves as our official illustration of the true spirit of Bad Idea Fridays:

Bear Suit Sleeping Bag…  Sure fire way to ensure that your camping trip will lead to your ultimate demise?  Or effective approach to making some grizzly pals?  You be the judge.

Bad Idea Friday topics have included:

  • GAMES YOU CAN ONLY PLAY ONCE…. because after you play it once, it’ll delete itself/corrupt itself/set a cookie so that it knows you played it. IT KNOWS!!!
  • A SHITTY FEATURE IN A RECENT GAME YOU PLAYED…. What is it? Make a game based around it. Make it… good??
  • THE 800 BUTTON CONTROLER. Master it if you can.

Whenever the mood strikes, Demiurgers can contribute to an ongoing list of possible future topics.  You never know when you’ll come across your next ground-breaking concept, be it kinda crappy or destined for greatness! 


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