17th Aug 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

This week's Bad Idea Friday, we set out to create a tabletop game based on the name, "Makeout on Murder Mountain." Here's what happened in the 45 minutes we had to make it.

First, the fiction behind the game: You're lured to Murder Mountain by a Craigslist murderer pretending to be a pretty girl, who may in actual fact be a bear who wants to eat you. We had a random set of board items: Scrabble letters, Scrabble letter holders, cards, dice, and plastic figures. Then we had to start creating a game using these items and the fiction behind them.

What we came up with was similar to Chutes and Ladders. You're trying to climb Murder Mountain by advancing spaces between the Scrabble tile holders, while impeding the progress of other players lured to the mountain. Each turn, you have one of two options: flip a card (fight crows), or choose a letter (eat a hallucinogenic mushroom).

To fight crows, you must gamble by guessing how few dice rolls it will take to beat the number on the card that you're about to draw. If you win, you advance, and the fewer dice you rolled, the farther you advance. To hallucinate, you pick a letter from the scrabble letter pool, and if it's a vowel, you advance one space, and if it's a consonant, all other players go back one space.

No one ever reached the top of the mountain in our playthrough (and hence, never got to kiss/be-eaten-by a bear). This cliffhanger ending will have to be resolved another week!

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