2nd Dec 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 184



Amadeus Cho, 19-year-old Korean-American super-genius and the world's number one Hulk fan, knows the world needs a Green Goliath.

With the help of his little sister Maddy and the vast resources of the Olympus Group, Amadeus decides he's totally gonna be the best Hulk ever!



Mastermind Excello - 12 Green AP 

Hulk applies his titanic strength in a calculated strike. Destroys a selected...

25th Nov 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 139



To save the life of his father and mentor, motorcycle daredevil Johnny Blaze sold his soul to Mephisto. Betraying Blaze, Mephisto bound a demon to Johnny's soul and cursed him to ride forever as the Spirit of Vengeance.

When innocent blood is spilled, Johnny Blaze's body and bike are consumed by hellfire, transforming him into Ghost Rider.



Burning Rubber - 7 Green AP 

Ghost Rider...

9th Nov 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 52


A founding member of the X-Men and a powerful psychic, Jean Grey sacrificed herself to save her teammates. Absorbing a deadly dose of radiation while her spaceship careened towards Earth, Jean's heroism and telepathic potential drew the attention of the Phoenix Force.

The ancient, elemental force of life, creation, and destruction merged with Jean's consciousness. Jean, as the Phoenix, was reborn a hero powerful enough to save worlds... or burn them.



4th Nov 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 34

You can un-bate your breath now. Our costume contest last week yielded a clear winner, though admittedly the voting was close. Joey, who went all-out as Princess Leia, took the Trophy of Epic Gaudiness, to be treasured until it passes to next year's winner.

In our lineup we had comfy-chic dinosaurs and monsters, obscure Marvel Puzzle Quest characters, obscure Pokemon characters, and a pretty excellent Rick from Rick and Morty. 

But the studio has spoken, and it turned out nobody...

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30th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 33

It's that time of year at Demiurge, when the game room fills with pumpkins, people wear inappropriate outfits to work, and everyone is hopped up on candy they wouldn't consider eating on any other day. In the large conference room over lunch, a group was playing Mysterium with the door closed, and every couple minutes a ghostly "OOOOOOO" would emanate from there. Yup. It's spookytime.

Our costume contest is ongoing, as the office chooses among several terrifying options.

Drawing from a wide pantheon of characters