Character Reading List

2nd Dec 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 184



Amadeus Cho, 19-year-old Korean-American super-genius and the world's number one Hulk fan, knows the world needs a Green Goliath.

With the help of his little sister Maddy and the vast resources of the Olympus Group, Amadeus decides he's totally gonna be the best Hulk ever!



Mastermind Excello - 12 Green AP 

Hulk applies his titanic strength in a calculated strike. Destroys a selected...

25th Nov 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 139



To save the life of his father and mentor, motorcycle daredevil Johnny Blaze sold his soul to Mephisto. Betraying Blaze, Mephisto bound a demon to Johnny's soul and cursed him to ride forever as the Spirit of Vengeance.

When innocent blood is spilled, Johnny Blaze's body and bike are consumed by hellfire, transforming him into Ghost Rider.



Burning Rubber - 7 Green AP 

Ghost Rider...

8th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 41



Cyclops is the fearless leader of the X-Men's Blue Team. He's a master strategist who uses powerful optic blasts to protect humans and mutants alike.



Combined Forces - 10 Red AP 

Cyclops fires a powerful optic blast, coordinating his attack with his teammates for maximum impact. Deals 543 damage and destroys a chosen basic tile. If you have 10 or more Team-Up AP, instead drain 10...

17th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 31



One of the five founding members of the X-Men, Bobby Drake's incredible power to manipulate temperature and ice makes him literally the coolest mutant around.

Brought forward in time by the present-day Hank McCoy, the teenage Iceman adventures with the other original X-Men, learning new things about his new home, his powers, and himself.



Whiteout - 12 Green AP 

Iceman unleashes a...

10th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 38

Silver Surfer


His planet on the brink of annihilation, Norrin Radd made the ultimate sacrifice and struck a bargain with Galactus, becoming his herald in order to save his planet from the giant's insatiable hunger.

Imbued with the Power Cosmic and covered in a specialized silver coating, the Silver Surfer scanned the heavens for sacrificial planets to offer his new master. After eventually being led to Earth, he broke free from Galactus' control and rebelled against him with the help of the...