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22nd Aug 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

We're proud to announce the first game in our new mobile publishing initiative. Owlchemy Labs, creators of Snuggle Truck, is currently at work on an original Apple iOS action title slated for release in early 2013. Both Boston-based teams are hot on the heels of recent releases; Demiurge's Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings, a free-to-play PvP shooter now in closed beta for PC, and Owlchemy Labs with Jack Lumber, a pun-filled slow-motion log-slicing action/arcade game published by SEGA Alliance...

22nd Jul 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

We're excited to officially announce our next game, Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings, the player-versus-player follow-up to our first original title, Shoot Many Robots! The new, standalone game Arena Kings is an online deathmatch that pits players against each other in a game of (porcelain) thrones. In “Royal Flush” the Kings must murder each other to collect their crowns, and flush them down a teleporting golden toilet, naturally. New content and updates are being added to the game weekly,...

16th Jul 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

This Thursday, July 19, MIT Enterprise Forum is hosting a panel on starting a small business. Demiurge Co-Founder and CEO Albert Reed is on the panel alongside other local small business founders Nadeem Mazen (danger!awesome and Serious Business, LLC), Arthur Ganson (Kinetic Sculptor), and Randall Levere (Erba Cycles). From the event page:

You have an idea for a business—maybe it’s your life-long passion, a project you’ve been working on nights/weekends, or something that just popped into...

18th May 2012 / Kurt Reiner 20

Last Saturday, our Quality Assurance Lead, Jimmy, ran the Twin Lights Half Marathon, a 13.1 mile race along the coast of Cape Ann.  And he did it dressed as P. Walter Tugnut, the hero of our latest game, Shoot Many Robots.  But it gets even better.  Jimmy donned Walter’s attire in what is known as the Full Princess.  Yup, on a hot sunny day, he put on a wool knit cap, down puffer vest, tutu, wings and tiara and competed in a half-marathon.

The course stretched from Good Harbor Beach in...

8th Mar 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

We are in the midst of a full-blown tournament here at Demiurge!  Nine contestants have committed to beating the virtual crap out of each other every day at lunch until a winner is named. 

Here are the deets:

The Game: King of Fighters XIII
Match Setup: Best of 3
Tournament: Double Elimination

The First Place winner will be awarded a free lunch purchased by Jeremy, the tourney’s creator, who is also a contestant.  The Second Place winner (i.e. the Loser) will wear the Horse Head Mask...