Demiurge Studios

10th Nov 2011 / Kurt Reiner 187

In an earlier episode of the Demiurge Studios Blog, we explained the redesign of our logo that happened at the beginning of this year.  We love how it turned out!  It’s bright, energetic and understated, which really speaks to what Demiurge is all about.  The final step in our logo redesign rollout was putting two signs up in the lobby!

The original Demiurge Studios sign was handmade of wood by Andrew Webber, a friend of Al, Tom and Chris from way back in the days of Carnegie Mellon.  It...

2nd Nov 2011 / Kurt Reiner 14

Hey all!  Check out our photos from Halloween.  A bunch of Demiurgers came in on Monday wearing costumes to celebrate the holiday in style!  This is a tradition here at Demiurge, along with the delicious Pumpkin Spice coffee that has become one of the main sources of fuel for our team.  We thought about doing a blog post entirely dedicated to our beloved Pumpkin Spice, but truth be told, the costumes are a lot more exciting. 

As Monday morning progressed, people began filtering in wearing...

12th Jan 2011 / Nick Poole 1

On this very snowy day in Cambridge, we decided to have a snow adventure at lunchtime. We went to the park around the corner and had a snowball fight! It was deep enough to get a running start and perform epic diving shots. Good times were of course had by all.


11th Jan 2011 / Kurt Reiner 6

It was a tough call this year, but after much deliberation the team has determined that Dan is the clear winner of this year's Xmas Xmustache competition. Congratulations, Dan! (We're pretty sure that the Mario illustration by Nick helped give him the competitive edge that led to his ultimate and glorious victory.)

Our ten other contestants received official mustache pins for participating, but only Dan gets the grand prize - the coveted Mustache Mug. It will serve as a daily reminder to...

6th Jan 2011 / Kurt Reiner 8

Just as promised, Demiurgers arrived at work on Monday morning donning freshly grown mustaches, for our annual Xmas Xmustache competition. As Alex put it before our holiday break, “The rules are simple: Show up January 3rd with the most kickass mustache you can grow. Last year's contest was the closest we've ever had: Dan brought artistry back to the competition with his entry 'Dirtbag in Paradise' but in the end Nick and Jared tied for the victory with their dueling mugshots.”

As always,...