5th Dec 2013 / Kurt Reiner 13

We know you’ve been spending quality time with Marvel Puzzle Quest on iOS & Android over the Thanksgiving holiday. We have too! But what happens if you're in the middle of an intense fight against Loki  and Venom, maybe Magneto too, you've finally charged up some sweet abilities and you're JUST about to let it rip - and your phone battery dies? Now, you can get your Marvel fix on PC's as well!  WHEW! The game is available for free download on Steam (

24th Oct 2013 / hottoast 106

It’s been three weeks since Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign hit the App and Google Play Stores. That’s just nuts. It seems like it's been 3 months because of the vast quantity of amazing feedback that we’ve received from players since then – thank you! We’ve learned tons about what you love and what needs tweaking. The team of heroes at Demiurge is working hard to make the game even better!

This is the reason we're so excited about mobile game development. A mobile game is a living,...

3rd Oct 2013 / hottoast 32

Man has it been tough keeping the lid on this one!

When the forces of darkness were at their peak and hope seemed nowhere to be found, a call went out for salvation and we heeded it! Oh, we heeded. Thus, a glorious pact was formed with Demiurge Studios, Marvel Entertainment and D3Publisher to develop Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, the next great game in the well-known Puzzle Quest series. POW! We’ve been working directly with D3Publisher and Marvel (a match-3 made in heaven) to create...

12th Apr 2013 / Kurt Reiner 9

It’s been a crazy month for Demiurge Studios. We launched Shoot Many Robots on the Google Play store with tons of positive feedback from players and media alike. Amazicool! Then, 100,000 gamers rolled into our backyard for PAX East in Boston. Wicked sweet! And, then there was the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, at which our very own Albert Reed gave a talk about Shoot Many Robot’s console/PC launch last year. Fan-freakin-tastic!

It has been a whirlwind, but now that we’ve had a...

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15th Mar 2013 / Kurt Reiner 0

The robot apocalypse continues, unfortunately. Fortunately, you can help demolish even more robots as P. Walter Tugnut from the comfort of your own pocket with a brand-new mobile version of our console / PC game Shoot Many Robots. We are extremely excited to unleash Shoot Many Robots, an endless gunner that skips all the fluff and delivers lots o’ gruff, on the Google Play Store today – you can download the game FOR FREE now! Have no fear, iPhone and iPad users, your day will also come very,...