7th Sep 2011 / Kurt Reiner 4

Demiurge Studios was at PAX Prime this year, showing off Shoot Many Robots! We brought along our buddy, the Fruit Fucker of Penny Arcade fame to show off the crazy gear Walter can equip in the game. When Jerry (aka Tycho, in the second picture) stopped by our booth during setup to check out the game, we surprised even him with how far we took the Fruit Fucker animations. Let’s just say that little robot *really* loves Walter’s skull. Oh, and he adds Penetration to your bullets.

We showed...

24th Aug 2011 / Kurt Reiner 1

Ubisoft and Demiurge have joined forces to bring Shoot Many Robots to PlayStation Network,  Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC in 2012. That’s right: we just announced platforms! Alongside this announcement, we have a new trailer that shows what P. Walter Tugnut is up against. Check out the game's Official Site for more info, screens, and other shenanigans.

Also, Demiurge will be at PAX 2011 in Seattle, August 26-28 with a new Shoot Many Robots demo, new swag, and some other new announcements! See...

17th Feb 2011 / Kurt Reiner 8

"Shoot Many Robots is exactly what you think it is"

The Escapist

Demiurge’s first original title, Shoot Many Robots, has finally been revealed! It’s a 4-player run-and-gun adventure with tons of loot, leveling up, and of course copious amounts of robot murder. Just watch the video and you’ll see what we’ve been hiding this whole time…

Check out the game’s Official Site to learn more!

2nd Feb 2011 / Nick Poole 7

Need a little Twang? Demiurge and Harmonix partnered up again to bring you another set of country songs in Rock Band: Country Track Pack 2. You can broaden your Rock Band library with 21 new songs, from the history of country rock and beyond. Play it as a standalone experience, or export it to other Rock Band titles.

Giddy on up and giddy on out.

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14th Oct 2010 / Kurt Reiner 5

We can finally tell you about the game we have in the works: Shoot Many Robots. Guess what you get to do in the game? No, really - guess, because we aren't saying anything else! We just announced the game, released a teaser trailer, and launched the official website. It's a downloadable title, available in 2011.

IGN got the first scoop in this interview with Al, where we also revealed the teaser trailer.  You can view it below.

We'll be posting more on the blog as the project develops. ...