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17th Sep 2014 / Dave Guskin 52

Greetings! Today I’m going to write a bit about the creation and implementation of Colossus in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Characters can be complex - they need to tell their own story through their abilities, in a resonant way that the player can connect with. Colossus had a very interesting journey from conception to execution, one paved with too many cool ideas and the harsh light of practical reality.

As Colossus’s designer, I did a bunch of research on his personality and abilities before...

3rd Oct 2013 / hottoast 195

Man has it been tough keeping the lid on this one!

When the forces of darkness were at their peak and hope seemed nowhere to be found, a call went out for salvation and we heeded it! Oh, we heeded. Thus, a glorious pact was formed with Demiurge Studios, Marvel Entertainment and D3Publisher to develop Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, the next great game in the well-known Puzzle Quest series. POW! We’ve been working directly with D3Publisher and Marvel (a match-3 made in heaven) to create...

15th Mar 2013 / Kurt Reiner 0

The robot apocalypse continues, unfortunately. Fortunately, you can help demolish even more robots as P. Walter Tugnut from the comfort of your own pocket with a brand-new mobile version of our console / PC game Shoot Many Robots. We are extremely excited to unleash Shoot Many Robots, an endless gunner that skips all the fluff and delivers lots o’ gruff, on the Google Play Store today – you can download the game FOR FREE now! Have no fear, iPhone and iPad users, your day will also come very,...

17th Feb 2011 / Kurt Reiner 22

"Shoot Many Robots is exactly what you think it is"

The Escapist

Demiurge’s first original title, Shoot Many Robots, has finally been revealed! It’s a 4-player run-and-gun adventure with tons of loot, leveling up, and of course copious amounts of robot murder. Just watch the video and you’ll see what we’ve been hiding this whole time…

Check out the game’s Official Site to learn more!