20th Dec 2012 / Kurt Reiner 5

It’s that time of the year where we start doing things and saying we did them because “it’s the holiday season!” Parties, card-sending, gift stealing, drinking, and facial hair growing! As if we need an excuse to do any of those (except maybe the one where we send a message to someone in a non-digital format). Good thing we got all this partying out of the way before the world comes to an end later today or whenever.

Our first holiday party was at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Open bar, hors d’oeuvres, game developers, and their families. What could go wrong?! (Nothing. Even the dancing was So Right). Not satisfied with just one holiday party, we had our annual BBQ and Yankee Swap at lunchtime the following week! Alcohol was big this year, with beer getting opened and stolen again and again throughout the swap. Other notable items were a remote control shark balloon, a box full of about a hundred comic books, lots of portal-themed paraphernalia, and a book on how to poop at work.

Assuming the fires of Hades haven’t scorched the hair off of our faces, we’ll be returning next year with our annual X-mas X-mustaches. Check back next year for pictures of whatever glorious upper-lip hair we’re able to sprout over the holiday break!


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