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Demiurge is definitely a bike-friendly place.  And to show it, we participated in the MassCommuter Challenge, a part of Bay State Bike Week that took place from May 14-20th.  It’s a free competition that is open to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Massachusetts, and it encourages people to reap the countless benefits of commuting by velo.  Since a bunch of us already do that, we registered for the event and pledged our miles.  All in all, we had six team members, and we logged a good 185 miles between us over the course of five days.  A solid effort.

The results came in last week!  While we ranked 119th out of all companies that participated, we were 24th out of companies in our size range, which we were pretty happy with.  And taking part in the event helped us to see just how bike-friendly Demiurge really is! We’ve got an indoor bike rack, a cycling mailing list open to Demiurgers past and present, as well as regular “bike lunch” trips to nearby parks and sandwich shops.

Here are a few of us with our rad bikes out front:

Fun facts about bicycles:

  • There are at least one billion bicycles worldwide, or twice the number of cars.
  • The first bike was introduced around 1817 in Germany and France, and was originally referred to as a dandy horse, laufmaschine, velocipede or draisienne.   
  • This early design required the rider to push himself along with his feet, in a very Fred Flintstone kind of way.
  • The first bike with pedals was invented in France in the 1860’s by two guys named Pierre.
  • Bikes have been cool ever since.
  • This list was made by searching Wikipedia, fyi.

Even though Bike Week has already come and gone, the pedaling has only just begun!  We’re looking forward to a great summer of eco-friendly commuting and enjoying Boston on two wheels.

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