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Dear Friends, Peers and Players,

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Demiurge Studios is joining the team at SEGA Networks. We’re still going to be “Demiurge Studios” and we will continue to grow Marvel Puzzle Quest as well as build new original games. More on the future in a bit - first a wistful trip down memory lane:

Thirteen years ago Demiurge was founded in Pittsburgh, PA. We worked out of this house in violation of probably a hundred zoning codes:

At the time, starting a game company seemed like a totally reasonable way to put off getting a “real” job. Over the years, we were fortunate enough to get to work for and learn from some absolutely incredible studios and developers. Indeed, only by having the chance to develop alongside Harmonix, Epic, Gearbox, Irrational Games, EA and BioWare were we able to learn how to craft innovative and memorable games. There are far too many people to list but to each and every one of you who gave us a chance - thank you!

This opportunity to partner with SEGA Networks has come about in no small part from the success of Marvel Puzzle Quest. A couple of years ago, our friends at D3Publisher of America offered us the once-in-a-lifetime chance to make this game. If the hallmark of a great publisher is their support and trust in their developers then surely D3 is one of the best in the business. Not only did they allow us incredible creative freedom (something they certainly regretted at times!), they haven’t stopped working their asses off since the moment we launched. Bill, Pete, Brian, Joe and everyone else at D3 - thank you for believing in this team and supporting us at every turn.

Over the years, innumerable missteps were avoided, catastrophes dodged and opportunities seized thanks to the council of our advisory board. Geoffrey, Mike, Paul (go back his kickstarter now!), Daniel and Kurt are business visionaries and game luminaries that generously shared their time and truly made this possible.

Lastly, when it came time to take this step we were fortunate enough to work with the team at Union Square Advisors. Game entrepreneurs: should you find yourself having strategic conversations, call Nate Hennings. Not only did he work harder than anyone else on the deal, but he completely immersed himself in our business.. By the end he was just as excited to geek-out with the developers here about Marvel Puzzle Quest design as he was to hammer out terms.

We’ve always been a fiercely independent group here at Demiurge. The Demiurge Way works great for us, no matter how downright bizarre it may seem to outsiders. We suspect, as a result, that this announcement is pretty surprising to our friends. Why would we change a good thing? That question has two answers:

First: we won’t be changing much. Through some miraculous happenstance of fate, we’ve found a partner that likes us just the way are - warts and all. We’re still “Demiurge Studios.” We’re still going to keep making Marvel Puzzle Quest awesome. We’re keeping our office in lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts. The team is staying.

Second: Sooner or later, we wanted to build a publishing organization. When we looked at the talent amassed and success accumulated within SEGA Networks, we couldn’t fathom doing it as well as SEGA had already done. Our new teammates are wildly successful in Japan not just financially but also creatively. Games like Chain Chronicles and Puyo Puyo Quest are a master-class in how to build great mobile, free-to-play experiences. The team we’re working with in San Francisco is an insane mix of talent: Part veteran game-makers from SEGA, part free-to-play pioneers from Three Rings and part entrepreneurial mobile start-up - all backed by this huge incredible team at SEGA Networks in Japan. It almost feels unfair to get to have this group working alongside us!

And so, we’re continuing the grand adventure that is Demiurge. The ocean is, perhaps, just as rough but we’ve got an even bigger, better crew and a little more wind in our sails. Onward!

-The Team at Demiurge Studios

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