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Man has it been tough keeping the lid on this one!

When the forces of darkness were at their peak and hope seemed nowhere to be found, a call went out for salvation and we heeded it! Oh, we heeded. Thus, a glorious pact was formed with Demiurge Studios, Marvel Entertainment and D3Publisher to develop Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, the next great game in the well-known Puzzle Quest series. POW! We’ve been working directly with D3Publisher and Marvel (a match-3 made in heaven) to create this new puzzle RPG. The strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe unite to reclaim their good name in Dark Reign, one of the most impactful comic events in Marvel history.

Developing a Marvel game has been a crazy dream come true for us – we’re all comic nerds. But, we’re even more excited that this is our first real push into the smartphone and tablet games market, and into the sphere of the entertainment world as well. Our vision for Demiurge: Give fans around the world control over their favorite entertainment properties via fun and high-quality games. Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is the first step for us down this path.

Marvel Puzzle Quest, features team-based gameplay, a first for the Puzzle Quest series! Players assemble a group of three characters - choose from heroes AND villains - to combat a common enemy with match-3 play. This team dynamic creates new levels of strategy, allowing Marvel fans to call on the heroes best suited for the job-at-hand. Create your ultimate Marvel dream team as you travel across famous locations and visit/fight/recruit familiar faces from the Marvel Universe!

For more information, visit www.MarvelPuzzleQuest.com.

Get the game on iTunes or the Google Play store now! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for regular updates!



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Man has it been tough keeping the lid on this one! run 3

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