25th Sep 2014 / Lee Hepler 2

Each new character art set we add to Marvel Puzzle Quest represents a collective effort on the part of our team at Demiurge that takes place over several weeks of development.

Art components that go into each new character:

  • Character Poses 
  • Character Icon    
  • Classic Comic Cover 
  • Sound Effects
  • In-Game Visual Effects 


The character's paper design document drives early thumbnail explorations. These thumbnails are shared daily with the entire studio, sourcing our collective Marvel knowledge and shaping the appropriate look and feel of each pose. Poses continue to evolve along with the underlying design specs.

Basic attack and standing poses are designed to fit into standardized in-game slots and require consistent face placement and perspective. We have more visual flexibility with the other poses used in visual effects, maps, the store, etc.


Each character is represented in game by both an icon and a classic Marvel comic book cover. The icons full-color representation needs to also read clearly as a small-scale tile overlay on the gameboard.


Three unique visual effects animations are created for each of the character powers. These layered “moving comic-book” style effects are authored in the software package FXStudioDesigner. Character poses are combined with graphic effects and unique sounds to support the narrative of the underlying of the power.


Thanks Lee, I enjoyed this glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes’ process of character development for Doc Ock

Oct 10, 2014

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