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Demiurge is proud to announce duckduck, a platform that enables game developers to easily connect their games to social networks. Launched alongside our original title, Shoot Many Robots, duckduck continues to provide thousands of users with meaningful, innovative social experiences.

"We believe that 'core' games can be made more engaging for players and more profitable for developers and publishers by leveraging social networks," said Albert Reed, CEO at Demiurge Studios. "Our goal with duckduck is to make it easy for developers to realize that potential without distracting from their already jam-packed production schedules."

Using duckduck, games like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, and of course Shoot Many Robots, have generated millions of impressions on Facebook by pushing game activity to the activity ticker. From there, users can instantly join their friends' games - no more random matchmaking with JohnGamer420! Leaderboards in-game are populated by real friends, drawing data from facebook and Steam.

These are just a few of the ways duckduck is improving social interaction in games. Duckduck provides middleware that's ready to integrate into games, a web-based application for social networks, and the server backend to power it all. If you're a game developer who's interested in integrating duckduck into your game, please contact info@demiurgestudios.com

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Utilizing duckduck, amusements like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, and obviously Shoot Many Robots, have produced a huge number of impacts on Facebook by pushing diversion action to the movement ticker.

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