17th Nov 2010 / Kurt Reiner 10

Last week's Game of the Week was Call of Duty: Black Ops, and that’s not just because the game totally kicks butt. We have a hunch that it won the popular vote due to the fact that our very own Elena Siegman lent her gorgeous voice to one of the songs featured in the game! Elena, a Senior Producer here at Demiurge, sings lead vocals in the Call of Duty Nazi Zombie theme entitled “115”. Check it out below!

And it’s not the first time she’s offered up her powerful voice to the COD team – she’s a vocalist in three other songs for Call of Duty’s World at War Nazi Zombie Mode as well! You can actually download them from the Call of Duty site.

To top it off, Elena is currently working on her next album, entitled The Mighty, which will be available soon. Keep an eye out, and check out her Facebook page for tunes and updates. Her own music, mellow and soulful, is quite different from the intense Call of Duty themes she collaborated on. Is this woman multi-talented or what?!

love this song it’s now my #1 fav thanks smile

Apr 21, 2012

shes awwwsome

May 05, 2012

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