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Many moons ago, when Demiurge was just starting to blossom into the company it is today (yes, I just used the word “blossom”…) we found a group of spectacular people who have stayed on our team now for five years or more.  They are passionate, creative, lighthearted, and fun to work with – in addition to being incredibly skilled at what they do. 

They include: Dave, Kurt, Dan, Alex, Evan, Katie, and Jimmy.  Some of them were hired in 2005, others in 2006.  Just to give you an idea of how long ago that was, we were only on Harry Potter book #6, Kanye West was nominated Best New Artist, people still probably wore Uggs, the Xbox 360 had just hit the market, and Bieber Fever wouldn't exist for another three years.  It was long ago.



The cupcakes pictured above are from a surprise party that was held in their honor.  The entire company gathered into the game room under the impression that we were to hear a longwinded speech from Creative Director Tom Lin about his birthday (which happened to be that very same day).  This is especially funny if you know Tom, because he's anything but longwinded.



Donning a birthday sombrero, Tom stood in front of the group with notes in his hand.  Instead of touting his own birthday greatness, however, he proceeded to describe the immense accomplishments of these seven dedicated Demiurgers, who have worked countless hours on dozens of projects, and who have helped to shape this company into the fun-loving and hardworking place that it remains today.   They were awarded official Demiurge Studios Timbuk2 bags, and the entire company feasted on some of the best cupcakes we have ever tasted. 



We deliberated for quite a while on what would be the best way to show them that we cared.  Like a mother searching for the perfect birthday present, we wanted to get something useful but cool, something that wouldn’t just sit on a shelf.  Something they would all like.  In the end, they ended up being pretty stoked to have some limited edition, awesome-quality Demiurge swag.  Have I mentioned yet that we love swag here?  But that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to what they have given to us.  We are so lucky to have them on our team, and we know that Demiurge wouldn’t be the place it is today without these amazing people.


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Jul 29, 2011

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