30th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 1

It's that time of year at Demiurge, when the game room fills with pumpkins, people wear inappropriate outfits to work, and everyone is hopped up on candy they wouldn't consider eating on any other day. In the large conference room over lunch, a group was playing Mysterium with the door closed, and every couple minutes a ghostly "OOOOOOO" would emanate from there. Yup. It's spookytime.

Our costume contest is ongoing, as the office chooses among several terrifying options.

Drawing from a wide pantheon of characters

Chris Linder, one of the company founders, missed the opportunity for the group photo, but agreed to pose beneath the Demiurge logo and in front of some of our more ordnance-related memorabilia.

What, you've never seen a Gunicorn before?

We'll get back to you with the results of the costume contest. Given the early poll numbers, I expect some kind of tiebreaking death match will be necessary.

Have a fabulous Halloween, everyone.

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Mar 21, 2017

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