2nd Oct 2014 / Kabir Hemrajani 10

We’re over the moon excited this week, since our baby just turned 1. We wouldn’t be here without you, so we’re throwing you a weeklong party! Starting October 10th, we’ll have a series of awesome events, giveaways and new characters to show off, starting with...

Thor (Goddess of Thunder) will debut as a 4* Legendary hero! When you play Marvel Puzzle Quest on October 16th, you’ll get to see what she can do in her own Lightning Rounds. On October 17th, we kick off Season 7 where you’ll be able to compete to add her to your roster.

We have so much great stuff, I’m busting out a bulleted list:

  • Fan-picked PVP and PvE events! These events will reward special Anniversary Pack Tokens that include..
  • Devil Dino! Finally playable, he’s a Legendary character with 3 abilities. He's available for this week only, with one exception:
  • If you've been playing for a year, you’ll find a very special Daily Reward for #365: your own Devil Dino.
  • And we've got a small token of our appreciation we'd like to give you, just for stopping by.

We can’t wait to kick things off! Thank you for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest.

I’ve been with you guys now for 338 days I hope the surprise will be one of the new characters that’s a good way to say thank you for our support. wink

Oct 06, 2014

Awesome. Happy birthday dudes. Love the game. Can you say if there will be an ISO and Coin sale on from the 10th?

Oct 07, 2014


Oct 08, 2014

Sweet, new 4*s! Maybe by the 3rd Anniversary I’ll have been able to get enough of their covers that they’ll be playable. Of the current 4*s I’ve got 9, 5, and 0 covers between X-Force, Invisible Woman, and Nick Fury, respectively, and I’m on day 310. Granted I am a free to play player. I guess I could have spent the 4 to 6 hundred bucks it’d cost to max one 4* out before now, but I decided to go with an XBox One console and a couple games for it over maxing out one character.

Oct 09, 2014

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