5th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 1

We are serious about baked goods

Last Saturday, we the Demiurgent celebrated the second anniversary of Marvel Puzzle Quest! (Click the link to see the schedule of events we have lined up in-game for the occasion.) We made it a big blowout, too, because in all honesty, we haven't had a proper party in a looooong time. We started our day at Sky Zone in Everett, an indoor trampoline park where both the adults and kids among us bounced our faces off. Like, almost literally in some cases. Tom, at least, knocked his kid over at some point trying to jump in the same space as him. This is against the rules. Don't do that, Tom. 

This is what we looked like.

Honestly, we had too much fun at Sky Zone to get any pictures, which is a shame. We look awesome in orange socks. (Demiurge colors!)

Afterward, we went about three feet down the road to Night Shift Brewing, where we fed our bouncy selves with delicious food from Formaggio and delicious beer from the brewery. So much cheese. Soooo muuuuch cheeeese. We over-ordered the catering and fed ourselves, our families, and the Night Shift staff for a week on cave-aged Stilton, grape leaves, and country pate. We were so excited that we got a little blurry.

Luckily for us, Night Shift is equipped with a bank of free-to-play video games (hey, just like ours!), which kept the little ones entertained while we conversed, ate, drank, recovered from our trampoline-dodge-ball-related injuries, played cornhole (yes!), and generally enjoyed ourselves.

At last the time came to cut the beautiful cake that Sweet provided for us, complete with a sweet logo. It was almost too pretty to eat.


Happy birthday, Marvel Puzzle Quest! We love you. More to come very soon about the anniversary Galactus Hungers event and more!

Keep puzzling, y'all.

Congratulations to the MPQ team!

Oct 08, 2015

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