22nd Dec 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 24

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when our K-cups go all flavored, our sweaters go all ugly, and we honor the season with barbecue and competitive present-throwing.

Yes, it’s the holidays at Demiurge, and our celebration was bigger than ever as we’ve welcomed a number of new players to our team this year. The game room is starting to get a little small for us, frankly…

Nonetheless, over 40 of us jammed in there to enjoy beautiful barbecue from local favorite Blue Ribbon, and to engage in our annual Yankee Swap, that time-honored tradition that turns the spirit of holiday giving into a cutthroat ritual of triumph and despair, presided over by adults who really ought to know better.

What was I saying? Oh, adults, yeah.

But we learned some important holiday lessons this year! Like the fact that cheese is nearly always a welcome gift.

And that Star Wars paraphrenalia is the premium item this year at the $11 mark. (Liang didn’t keep those Pez dispensers for long, I can tell you.)

We learned a little more about Justin’s best-loved activities. Which is to say, smiling a game smile that could be interpreted as murderous while his picture is taken with this mug. (Might've been the rice and beans.)

And most importantly, that Tom is, as we have always suspected, a crazy cat lady.

So, all in all, an instructive year, full of the spirit of giving and gaming...the system. I think Josh had to open a gift about thirteen times after he kept getting the good stuff that people subsequently stole.

Like this cuddly panda pillow. The Swap giveth, and the Swap taketh away.

In the end, the man nearly got stuck with a box of about 37 pickle ornaments, which he attempted to pawn off at every opportunity until Bart finally yelled out, at the most comedically opportune moment, “Gimme those pickles!”

Things only got a little out of hand. Some gifts just keep on giving.

Overall, though, a fine haul. There were extra presents for those unfortunates who received electric nose-hair trimmers (our brand-new UI artist, who really hoped she didn’t need it) and the like, and most of us went home happy, if a trifle food-comaed. Good times, good times.

Happy and play-filled holidays, everyone, from the folks at Demiurge!



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But we learned some important holiday lessons this year! Like the fact that cheese is nearly always a welcome gift.

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