14th Mar 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

And the champion is Jeremy! Morgan came in second place.... see the gallery above for a pic of him at his desk rocking the horse head mask.  Jeremy's the one giving the thumbs up.

It was an unbelievably close match.  The two had already battled early in the tournament, with Morgan originally defeating Jeremy and pushing him down into the loser's bracket.  But Jeremy persevered, steadily karate chopping his way through his competitors until he and Morgan were matched up once again, this time in the finals.  Jeremy needed to beat Morgan twice in order to win it, since Morgan had already won four matches total to Jeremy's three.  It was a nail biter to the end, and the lunchroom erupted in applause when he finally threw the last punch and ended the tournament.

The catch, though, is that the prize for the champion is lunch... purchased by Jeremy.  After his win, when asked what he would buy himself for his victory lunch tomorrow, he responded "the sky is the limit."  But in the end, he decided to treat Morgan to a victory lunch with him.  After all, second place ain't too shabby.  Now that's sportsmanship.

After a dramatic end to the competition, we realized that:

a) We really dig King of Fighters.

b) Morgan somehow managed to win both prizes by coming in second.

and c) We really want to have more lunch tournaments - that was a blast!



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