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Fun fact! When I interviewed for a position to work on the Marvel Puzzle Quest team, the Lead Designer asked me which character I'd want to put in the game if I could. I didn't have to think twice about my top choice, and with a lot of new characters and events between then and now, I'm so happy to say that Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon) has finally joined the fight!

But what makes Daniel Rand, Kung-Fu master, billionaire Hero for Hire, New Avenger, Immortal Weapon so cool? I mean, I think that sentence covered it but here are some fantastic Iron Fist stories if you want to find out for yourself:

Marvel Premiere Featuring Iron Fist #15 (1972)
This is where it all starts! Just like Spider-Man, Iron Fist debuted in the 15th issue of an anthology series, and quickly became so popular they gave him his own series.
You can read the first issue on Marvel Unlimited, but if you like it, totally hunt down a copy of The Essential Iron Fist Vol 1., which tells all the Danny's early tales (including the first appearance of Sabretooth!)

Essential Power Man & Iron Fist Vol 1
The finest friendship in the Marvel Universe starts here. Iron Fist meets Luke Cage, Power Man, and they join forces to fight street-level injustices in New York City. They form the Heroes for Hire and meet some of the coolest supporting characters in Marvel comics (like Danny's on-again-off-again girlfriend Misty Knight, a woman with an awesome afro and a cyborg arm).

The Immortal Iron Fist (2006) #1

Wow. Some of my favorite comics of all time. This series reintroduces Danny to a world of Hydra-sponsored corporate take-overs, and delves deep into the legacy of the Iron Fist. The pinnacle of this series is the second volume, "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven" in which Iron Fist has to fight in a tournament against other immortal weapons with names like Bride of Nine Spiders, Fat Cobra, and The Prince of Orphans. If you're reading this on Marvel Unlimited, make sure not to skip the annuals which tell the tale of an older Iron Fist in stories like, "Orson Randall and The Green Mist of Death."

That's it! If you want more Danny, he had some great appearances in the Bendis/Brubaker era of Daredevil, which was followed by a brief but cool stint with the New Avengers. Read up, and I'll see you back in two weeks when our next new character drops!

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