3rd Sep 2014 / Kurt Reiner 3

Hey folks, we have a very nice update for MPQ on its way!

First, a few minor updates:

  • Team-Up selections are now persistent between battles.
  • Countdown tiles placed by Team-Up abilities will no longer be cleared when a character is downed.
  • The Train button in roster management glows when you have enough Iso-8 to level the selected character.

For this release, we wanted to focus on character balance.  We made major changes to Hawkeye (Modern), Daken (2-star Dark Avengers Wolverine) & Daken (3-star Classic), Magneto (Classic), and Wolverine (X-Force). Full details here, but here's a summary:

  • Hawkeye (Modern)'s abilities have been redone to make him more effective. Electric Arrow and Blast Arrow have big changes, and Avoid is replaced by a new ability, Speed Shot, that fires a volley of arrows whenever you match 5+ tiles. He also gets a 17% health boost!
  • Daken (2-star Dark Avengers Wolverine) now has the Chemical Reaction ability. His color strengths have been changed to match his ability colors.
  • The upgrade paths for both Dakens' Pheromone Rage have been rebalanced, along with the threshold for Healing & Heat.
  • All of Magneto (Classic)'s abilities have been redone. His ability colors now match his color strengths.
    • Magnetic Field (Blue) is replaced by Coercive Field (Yellow), which generates Protect tiles (more than were generated than before, but now their placement is random).
    • Magnetized Projectile becomes Polarizing Force, which destroys Team-Up tiles (it plays a bit like Mistress of the Elements with more tile destruction and damage, but without Team-Up AP generation).
    • Magnetic Translocation (Purple) becomes Magnetized Projectiles (Blue), and has a new upgrade path.
  • All of Wolverine (X-Force)'s abilities have been redone, and his color strengths have changed to match his new ability colors.
    • X-Force is much cheaper and destroys tiles and does damage (instead of placing Strike tiles).
    • Enraged Slash (Red) becomes Surgical Strike (Black), which destroys all of the tiles in the enemy team's strongest color. When upgraded, it also reduces enemy AP.
    • Recovery is now much stronger, and deals damage and destroys tiles if it's matched away before it goes off.

Also, we’re launching a new character, powerful enough to throw anyone on their team directly at their opponent. We’d call him the Iron Giant, but he’s not made of Iron.

Thanks for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest and stay tuned for notes on R61!

Glad to hear Wolverine X-Force has been updated, but I still think he’s a bit weak, especially for a 4 star legendary. He should be incredible! Look at Nick Fury, that guys moves are insane. Wolverine is pretty average. At the very least his green and black should generate AP.

And what about Invisible woman? She is another useless legendary. She’s got crazy expensive powers, and they do very, very little in the grand scheme. Consider that Moonstone can translocate a tile for 8, which can be used to stop basically any countdown tile. Invisible woman, a legendary, requires 13 just to make a “lock tile”. Then she has to spend 9 to destroy those, and it ends the turn!!!  Seriously, these are legendaries, they drop less often, they should be uber. I love Nick Fury, but both Wolverine and Invisible woman are characters I never play.

Sep 24, 2014


Feb 02, 2015

Amazing movie, best Marvel movie to date, I loved it & the easter eggs were super cool. I think they set up for a saeuql, maybe winter solider story line? Casting was perfect all the way around, but Hugo Weaving’s red skull was just as epic as Evens Cap. The Teaser at the end sucked only because it was so amazingly epic but we have to what till next year. New Cap suit & hawkeye look sick

Dec 25, 2015

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