16th Jul 2012 / Kurt Reiner 0

This Thursday, July 19, MIT Enterprise Forum is hosting a panel on starting a small business. Demiurge Co-Founder and CEO Albert Reed is on the panel alongside other local small business founders Nadeem Mazen (danger!awesome and Serious Business, LLC), Arthur Ganson (Kinetic Sculptor), and Randall Levere (Erba Cycles). From the event page:

You have an idea for a business—maybe it’s your life-long passion, a project you’ve been working on nights/weekends, or something that just popped into your head. You are wondering whether it’s time to quit the “day job” and take your idea to the next level. What do you do next?

Details and registration to attend can be found on the official event page: Software SIG Event: Is There a Business Here?

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