6th Jan 2012 / Kurt Reiner 8

For all of you who have been anxiously awaiting our annual Christmustache Competition, your long sleepless nights are finally over.  The mustaches are here!

Due to an excess of vacationers this holiday season, our competition consists of four (count them FOUR!) expert facial hair growers, whose magnificent portraits can be seen in the gallery above.  The stakes are high.  Who will win?  Will it be Anthony and his shocking goatee, Miles and his traditional handlebar, Nick and his creepy caterpillar or Jimmy and his beard X’s of doom?  Only time will tell as fans and Demiurgers deliberate.  Cast your vote in the poll below before Monday, January 9th at 6pm EST.  We will announce a winner the following day.  In the meantime, let us know who you voted for and why!

Christmustache ™ is a trademark (not really) of Demiurge Studios (well, maybe if no one has ever thought of it before).  The rules have been laid forth by Sir Alexander Rice in past competitions as detailed here.  The gist of the contest is this: Grow your ‘stash over the holiday break in the most excellent way you know how.  Use what your momma gave you and arrive on the first work day of the New Year as unrecognizable as possible.

first lulz

Seriously though… It’s gotta be Jimmy.

Jan 06, 2012

Nick fo’shiz.

Jan 06, 2012

Go Nick! You’ve got this! smile

Jan 08, 2012

Personally, I think Nick’s mustache looks better.  I sport the same myself.

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