28th Feb 2011 / Kurt Reiner 1

Welcome to Demiurge Studios’ new website! Be sure to check out all of the new content and features. We have Community forums, featured employees, and swanky new galleries on games pages. Our blog has gotten an overhaul as well, and we’re still in the process of porting over content from the old one, so sit tight!

As you can see, we also have a new logo. Here are some FAQ’s about our new look:

Q: Your logo no longer includes “Studios” - did you change your name too?
A: Nope - we’re still Demiurge Studios.

Q: What’s that orange symbol?
A: It’s many things. We like that it’s ambiguous enough to be able to represent many aspects of our studio. The primary inspiration was the flicker of a flame. Fire is often associated with creation (and destruction), which is where our name comes from. “Demiurge” is the concept of a figure that is responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe.

Major shout-outs are due to the kick-ass team at Threshold for our new website and logo. They’re also the team behind our Shoot Many Robots website and logo. Cheers!

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Mar 03, 2011
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