17th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 2

We’ve been holding our breaths for so long that we’re turning cyan! But at long last, we’re announcing our new game: Puzzle & Glory!

Explore the imperilled land of Aetria with your party of stalwart adventurers! Battle bandits, trolls, goblins, and unthinkable fantasy monsters with the perfect team of heroic Wardens, Hunters, Exalted Guards, Pureblades, and more - powerful champions from the elven forest of Argos to the shining capital city of Therion. Hack and slash your way across a fantastic, dangerous immersive world with strategic match-3 combat. Score epic loot, and set your own path of adventure against the ultimate enemy: the adaptive and corrupting Blight.

The game will be available worldwide very soon! To get in on the excitement before launch, hit up our social media pages at Facebook and Twitter!

Gear up for Day 1 by pre-registering for Puzzle & Glory and receive an exclusive two-star card: a sweet war pegasus. (Her name is Mercy, but I think she’s into irony.)

Check her out!

Those cold, terrifying eyes, am I right?

We are so psyched about this. More to come on our official launch date!

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