24th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 46

The day has come at last. Just after sunrise, our heroes emerge, wearied from their journey through sleepless nights, bloodied from hacking through unrelenting snarls of code, and sore from braving the deep Tunnels of Carpel. And now, triumphant and unbowed, out of the darkness we bring you: PUZZLE & GLORY!

That’s right: Puzzle & Glory, our new original game developed alongside SEGA Networks, goes live worldwide today! Watch the unapologetically epic trailer below:

Download the game for your Android device, or for your iPhone or iPad!

So what makes this new game awesome? It’s an immersive match-3 RPG with a dynamic, dangerous world, where the presence of other players changes the game, and events occur in new locations each day. It offers cooperative gameplay - you can join your friends in both guilds and pick-up groups to take down big bosses together. And you can combine your characters for class-based combat, strategically matching skills to create phenomenal raiding parties.

We’ve also got stunning character design and art from our team, who have created a vast army of warriors, rogues, mages, monsters, beasts and more. Check out some of the character cards below!

We’re pretty darned proud of this one. Go forth and download! And let us hear from you on the forums!

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Dec 18, 2015

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Perplex and Glory is a match-3, allowed to play RPG created by Demiurge Studios and discharged in September 2015 on the two iOS and Android. SEGA reported the diversion will screen on April 15 with in-application buys killed right away. ... The measure of enthusiasm that all of you conveyed to the amusement, and to these gatherings, is lowering.

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