23rd Sep 2014 / Kabir Hemrajani 4

Hey everyone!
Our R61 update to Marvel Puzzle Quest is incoming shortly! Here’s a roundup of what’s new, and a teaser for the next new character release:

Character updates
- Loki's Trickery now converts all enemy Protect tiles to friendly Strike tiles (instead of a maximum of 4).
- Fixed a bug where Black Panther's Battleplan would create 6 Strike tiles instead of 3 if you fired it when you had exactly 12 Team-Up AP.
- When Punisher's Retribution triggers Deadpool's Life of the Party, the damage done to Deadpool will now be based on Deadpool's health, instead of the health of the character Punisher targeted.

- Team-Up tiles shattered in a cascade now reward the proper amount of Team-Up AP.
- Fixed a situation where you could wind up with missing character and tile graphics, preventing you from playing, if you lost network connection at a particular moment when first starting the game.

UI tweaks and bugfixes:
- Added a confirmation dialog when spending Hero Points to recall characters that you've sent to help your alliance mates.
- Fixed a rounding error that caused the cost to recall characters that you've sent to help your alliance mates to be slightly too high.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the number of tokens shown on the Recruit Heroes button to get out of sync with the number of tokens you actually have.
- Closed an exploit that allowed players to remain shielded longer than they should have been.
- Closed an exploit that allowed players to create an alliance without spending Iso-8.

- Greatly reduced the size of the initial download on Android. You won’t get the Wi-Fi prompt anymore.

Also, we can’t wait to introduce our next character! Finally, Marvel Puzzle Quest will have its own Vitruvian Man. 

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Aug 24, 2018

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