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Bullseye Classic


Hey MPQ Players! There's a new character out there ready to be added to your Roster - the deadly assassin Bullseye. Players have been using Bullseye in his stolen Hawkeye outfit since Marvel Puzzle Quest launched, but now he's back in his classic black and whites. Free from being an Avenger in the public eye and having to use Hawkeye's bow, pre-Dark Avengers Bullseye terrorized Daredevil for years. Not familiar with this precision villain? Don't worry, we've got some of his greatest hits here to help you hit the mark. Check out these incredible Marvel Comics and learn about what might actually scare the Man Without Fear...


Daredevil (1963) #131
By Marv Wolfman & Bob Brown/Klaus Janson
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It all starts here, with Bullseye's first appearance! While the character isn't quite the one we'll come to recognize and be terrified of, Bullseye does off someone who won't pay him with a pen before turning a pile of New York City Garbage into projectiles to fling at Daredevil, so some things never change.


Daredevil (1963) #169
By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

Just like The Kingpin and Daredevil himself, the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson years of Daredevil would set the tone for who Bullseye was for decades. An obsessed and deranged Bullseye breaks free from a hospital where he was supposed to undergo surgery for a brain tumor, a tumor forces him to hallucinate Daredevils everywhere he goes. Bullseye cuts a murderous path through Manhattan before the genuine hornhead shows up and start a brawl that takes them across Hell's Kitchen. Unrelenting and vicious, Bullseye forces Daredevil to make impossible choice after impossible choice, putting the hero through the physical and emotional ringer.


Daredevil (1963) #181
By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

Bullseye's crowning achievement in his merciless war against Daredevil, and probably the single most important comic in that character's history. Breaking out of prison yet again, Bullseye finds out that he's been deemed to errattic and irrational to work for the Kingpin anymore, so he goes after the big man's new assassin - Elektra. The ensuing fight is a Marvel classic, and what happens after goes on to mark all the characters involved to this day.

Daredevil (1998) #5
By Kevin Smith & Joe Quesada

Daredevil is on the cusp of determining the identity of a mysterious adversary when, at the worst possible time, Bullseye arrives. Another incredible fight between the two enemies, Bullseye mercilessly leaves a path of destruction and some wounds that Matt Murdock will never recover from.

Daredevil (1998) #49
By Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev

http://marvel.com/comics/issue/15652/daredevil_1998_49 I'm going to level with you guys, this is maybe my favorite comic book of all time. Daredevil's secret identity was made public at the beginning of Brian Bendis' classic run and all of his worst enemies coming from the shadows to attack every aspect of Matt Murdock's life, but for 20+ issues, Bullseye remained in the shadows, barely mentioned or seen. When he finally emerges from the shadows, alone in Matt's apartment with his blind, newly wed wife, it's genuinely terrifying. The rest of the issue is intense, emotional, and exciting, just a masterpiece.

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #568-#573
By Dan Slott and John Romita Jr

How did a Spider-Man story slip in here? Well, before Norman Osborn tricked the world into thinking villains like Bullseye were the Avengers, he was using them as a covert ops team - the Thunderbolts! There are a lot of great Bullseye Thunderbolts stories, but my favorite is "New Ways To Die", which features the Osborn deciding it's time to get rid of Spider-Man once and for all, using the full force of the US Government and HAMMER. The team's deadliest weapon, Bullseye isn't unleashed until the story's climax, but it showcases why this assassin is kept in Adamantium restraints until the last possible moment.


Now that you're an expert on Bullseye, check him out in Marvel Puzzle Quest, and stay tuned for more great Marvel Comics when we release our next character!


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