18th Aug 2016 / Demiurge Studios Team 50

In the heat of July, in the wilds of Gloucester, MA, at the height of Pokemon fever, Demiurge had its first-ever summer beach party. This was an interesting feat of logistical gymnastics, involving a Uhaul van, some grills from Amazon, a whole lot of shopping, and some early arrivals running interference at our picnic area. (We got a permit to have our party there, but given that nobody had marked it, random people were coming in, setting up shop, and defending their territory like marmots.

Yes, marmots. Have you ever seen them defend their territory? Ruthless.)

With some negotiation, handwritten signs, and only one call to the police, we managed to get our picnic area cleared and ready for everyone to arrive.

After that, the event was surprisingly hitchless: the weather was perfect until a massive thunderstorm hit at around 7pm, long after we were gone; there was more than enough food, the children were kept occupied for many hours, and of course, there was a puppy.

Tom and Jae served as our grillmeisters, working along with some of Demiurge’s biggest fans.


I know, that was terrible. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen. Look, a puppy!

In any case, everyone had a grand time. Stage Fort Park, where we held the event, is a marvelously multi-use space; we had a large picnic area under trees to ourselves, plus access to a beach, a nifty playground, lots of weird monuments (cannons!), and a cookie cake. Well, the cookie cake came from Wegman’s.

Some folks took a break from the larger gathering to go Pokemon-hunting; others to take a dip in the lovely secluded mini-bay.

Those who weren’t up for wandering much managed to find fun in their usual manner, in spite of being in the great outdoors.

We even had a visit by Demiurge alumnus Lee Hepler! Hi, Lee!

The rest of the time we chilled and appreciated the beautiful day.

And petted the puppy.

It was exhausting.

Happy summer, everyone; enjoy these last days! Of summer, I mean. What. We’re not plotting anything.

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