10th Nov 2011 / Kurt Reiner 187

In an earlier episode of the Demiurge Studios Blog, we explained the redesign of our logo that happened at the beginning of this year.  We love how it turned out!  It’s bright, energetic and understated, which really speaks to what Demiurge is all about.  The final step in our logo redesign rollout was putting two signs up in the lobby!

The original Demiurge Studios sign was handmade of wood by Andrew Webber, a friend of Al, Tom and Chris from way back in the days of Carnegie Mellon.  It traveled all the way to Cambridge, and hung triumphantly on the wall right next to our entryway.  We still love this sign – and are impressed with its sturdy construction!  It currently lives in our game room, surrounded by our collection of toys and video game memorabilia so that we can always remember Demiurge’s early years.  It looks pretty good up there!

We replaced it with two (count them, two!) signs in the lobby.  Yesss.

The new signs are made of hot rolled steel!  I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the great pleasure of laying your eyes on some serious hot rolled steel, but let me tell you, it is lovely.  As soon as we saw samples of this stuff, we were sure we had found the perfect material for our logo.  Its natural graphite color matches our medium grey perfectly.  And we love that it has little flecks of rust and tiny imperfections.  The flame symbol for each sign is also hot rolled steel, but powder coated in the orangey-red shade that Demiurgers affectionately like to call “hot salmon”.

The office was buzzing with excitement the day they were installed.  I’m not even exaggerating – we were getting way serious about it.  There was this whole process of laying out a template on the wall, marking, drilling, gluing, and the end result is awesome.  We’re thinking of getting some sweet new lights to make them really glow, but in the meantime we’re super happy with them!

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