24th Feb 2017 / Demiurge Studios Team 26

The anticipation was high in Demiurge’s seemingly-ever-shrinking game room after co-founder and -conspirator, Tom Lin, called a “surprise” company meeting at 10:30 am.  

Normally nobody likes the sound of “surprise company meeting,” but then most folks already knew what was happening and were unconcerned, even cheerful!

This also could have been the result of surprise company meeting pastries, however. (Thanks again, Basil Tree Catering!)


Yes, we were gathering for yet another 10-year anniversary celebration, this one for longtime QA manager, all-time Demiurge running champ, and one-time tutu wearer, Jimmy Storey. He knew it too; you can tell by the wry expression he wore as he lurked in the corner by the potted plant, waiting with affected nonchalance for something horribly embarrassing to happen. Then again, it’s possible that that’s just his face.

As we know from Alex’s ten-year tenure celebration, the new tradition ‘round these here parts is to get a marvelous professional painting done of the honored employee (thanks, Bud Cook!), then have it framed in ostentatious fashion (thanks, Artist and Craftsman!) and hang it in the office.



Al, Eric, and Paige just knew this was gonna be epic.




And so the unveiling commenced.

As is now customary - because when we’ve done something once before that means it’s now what we do - Jimmy also offered a gift to the office that will be permanent, as was Alex’s much-loved cereal bar. In Jimmy’s case, he wanted to pass along his love of running, and therefore from henceforth, Demiurge will buy running shoes for their employees.

Here’s Jimmy presenting the shoes of choice, and explaining the zen of being outside at lunchtime, even if the only time you run is after a bus.

We also cooked up a surprise for Jimmy in specific, since the portrait thing is now out of the bag. The marvelous QRSTs helped us put together this swank embroidered sweatshirt in record time, with our sweet flame logo on the front and Jimmy’s name and number on the back.

We decided to scrap our original idea of Bedazzling it. It’s still pretty shiny, though.

Happy tenth anniversary to QA wizard, managerial statesman, and secret Spiderman, Jimmy Storey! May the next ten years see you through many more miles of road with Demiurge.

Congrats Jimmy. It was a great experience getting to work with you during my time at Demiurge. Here’s to 10 great years, and more to come!

Feb 24, 2017

A legend in his own time for those lucky enough to work with him. Congrats, Jimmy.

Feb 27, 2017

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Oct 31, 2018

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