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It’s been a crazy (taxi) month here at Demiurge Studios. June 1 saw the launch of our latest mobile game, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. (Try it out for yourself on iOS and Android.) In this game, you become a taxi tycoon and stick it to The Man (in this case, The Man is Edelbert Von Güber of Prestige Megacorp, a soulless rideshare company) by building your own fleet of crazy taxis driven by an army of diverse drivers.

The reviews are in, and people like us! Thanks, people! We’re honored, we’re touched.

DroidGamers says: “Whether you’re a fan of clickers, or just the franchise in general, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is one well worth checking out. It sounds like an awful lot of fun to us.”

They even said we were the best new Android game of the week on June 2! Awww, shucks, we’re blushing!

Pocket Gamer says: “It's loud and silly and stupid, which is exactly what Crazy Taxi should be, and it gives you heaps of cash and plenty of reasons to keep playing, as a good clicker should do.”

We’d like “loud, silly, and stupid” on our tombstone, please.

Venture Beat says: “There’s not much of a plot, but what it does have is a cheeky modern twist: You play the little guy, trying to make an honest living while a ‘Prestige Megacorporation’ run by Edelbert Von Güber flaunts his wealth and fancy ride-sharing company in your face. It’s a nice head-nod to the current state of the taxi industry, though it of course doesn’t dive too deeply into real-world economics.”

Cheeky and modern! The little guy making an honest living! That’s us.

And we got some kudos for our cast of cabbies:


Speaking of our cast of characters: On a more serious note, one of our favorite Crazy Taxi drivers, Keytar Bear, who’s a Boston musical institution, was recently attacked by some teenagers who thought beating up and mugging a keytar-playing bear was a good way to spend an evening. (Spoiler: It is not.) We were heartbroken to hear of the attack on our favorite ursine musician. But Keytar Bear proved his resilience by getting back on the streets playing his awesome jams just a few days later, and Boston proved that it’s got a big heart under that frosty exterior by pitching in thousands of dollars to a GoFundMe campaign to help Keytar Bear get back on his feet with some sweet new equipment. 


We’re glad that all’s well that ends well. Now time to go blow up some blimps and make it rain. 

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