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Marvel Puzzle Quest has the most amazing fans. People manage wiki pages about the game, run contests for each other on our forums, send us incredibly thoughtful feedback, share strategies and favorite dialogue on Tumblr, and visit our booth at conventions with their whole extended family, all of whom play together.

Sometimes people even send gifts to our office. Here are some of the best of them:

One time we really goofed on an event’s score target, and had to change it while the event was running. A player named wathombe sent us this very helpful guide:

Alien rock bands are really good at math. I didn’t know that either. There are more than 50 stickers in this thing, AND a chart to stick them on. So much motivation. It’s like having a personal trainer for counting space guitars.

Before we had announced that Deadpool was coming to the game (but while we were already secretly working on him!) we got this shipment of Deadpool bobble heads from Nemek:

Each of us working on Wade kept one close by for the rest of his development for inspiration. We ended up having to cut his power “I’m Still Nodding At You. Still Nodding. Still Nodding. Still Nodding.” The name was too long.

And then, after we released Deadpool, Nonce Equitaur sent us an astonishing bounty. Here’s what you see on display as you enter Demiurge’s office:

Those are all Deadpool comics. Yes, really. Wow.

Nonce, wathombe, Nemek: thank you so much!

And thanks to all of you for playing! For me, making games is both a profession and a purpose, and the best gift of all is seeing so many people enjoying this thing I helped to create.

Thought that fans mostly send the stories they’ve invented along with appreciation on the quest! I chose Deadpool at writingsmyessays.com on your favorite character topic. Great set of items you have there!

Mar 15, 2017

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