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Marvel Puzzle players, class is in session - Professor X has arrived. The X-Men's founder, leader and namesake, Profess Charles Xavier is a pillar of the Marvel Universe, a inspiring political leader fighting for equal rights for mutants. He's also the most powerful telepath on Earth, making him as formidable an opponent as anyone with laser-eyes or claws for hands. If you've somehow avoided meeting Charles until now and this all sounds exciting to you, well, I have some comics you should read...

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #1 by Jack Kirby & Stan Lee
This is where it all starts! The five original X-Men, led by Professor X, face off against Magneto and his brotherhood. As you might expect, Professor X was a crucial part of the next 50 years of Uncanny X-Men comics, and you can't go wrong continuing through the series.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #161 by Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum
One of the most interesting relationships in comics, Magneto and Professor X were friends long before they were enemies. This is one of the best stories about their shared history, set long before the X-Men were founded.

New X-Men (2001) #114 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly
Grant Morrison's run on the X-Men starts off with "E is for Extinction", a story that debuts a powerful and terrifying new enemy for the X-Men, one tied closely to the origins of Professor X. I don't want to give it away, but when confronted with this monster, the Professor has some of his coolest moments. This run gets wild, but is a great showcase for him and the rest of the X-Men.

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 by Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev/Jim Cheung
Finally, if you want to get an idea of what the Professor is working with people outside of the X-Men, check out The Illuminati. Iron Man secretly assembles the leaders of the super-hero community, including the Professor, to make decisions too big and too serious to let everyone found out about.

That'll give you a great place to start from! Like with most Avengers and X-Men, the events of Avengers Vs X-Men is the next step in finding out where Professor X stands in the current Marvel Universe, and what the repercussions of that event have had for him and his beloved students.

Thanks for reading! See you in two weeks when we debut our next character.

Dude he died n red skull cut out his brain implanted it in his n became the strongest telepath around. That’s in the Axis event

Mar 27, 2015

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