28th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 40

Laura Kinney was born in a lab.  The 23rd attempt to create a stable clone from Wolverine's DNA, she was dubbed X-23.

After escaping her incarceration, she tracked down Wolverine and enrolled in the Charles Xavier school. She has recently donned her progenitor's blue-and-yellows and taken on the mantle of the All-New Wolverine.



Holding Back/Berserker Fury - 8 Green AP 

Holding Back - X-23 rips...

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8th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 41



Cyclops is the fearless leader of the X-Men's Blue Team. He's a master strategist who uses powerful optic blasts to protect humans and mutants alike.



Combined Forces - 10 Red AP 

Cyclops fires a powerful optic blast, coordinating his attack with his teammates for maximum impact. Deals 543 damage and destroys a chosen basic tile. If you have 10 or more Team-Up AP, instead drain 10...

5th Oct 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 60

We are serious about baked goods

Last Saturday, we the Demiurgent celebrated the second anniversary of Marvel Puzzle Quest! (Click the link to see the schedule of events we have lined up in-game for the occasion.) We made it a big blowout, too, because in all honesty, we haven't had a proper party in a looooong time. We started our day at Sky Zone in Everett, an indoor trampoline park where both the adults and kids among us bounced our faces off. Like, almost literally in some cases. Tom, at least, knocked his kid over at...

24th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 122

The day has come at last. Just after sunrise, our heroes emerge, wearied from their journey through sleepless nights, bloodied from hacking through unrelenting snarls of code, and sore from braving the deep Tunnels of Carpel. And now, triumphant and unbowed, out of the darkness we bring you: PUZZLE & GLORY!

That’s right: Puzzle & Glory, our new original game developed alongside SEGA Networks, goes live worldwide today! Watch the unapologetically epic trailer below:

Download the game...

17th Sep 2015 / Demiurge Studios Team 54

We’ve been holding our breaths for so long that we’re turning cyan! But at long last, we’re announcing our new game: Puzzle & Glory!

Explore the imperilled land of Aetria with your party of stalwart adventurers! Battle bandits, trolls, goblins, and unthinkable fantasy monsters with the perfect team of heroic Wardens, Hunters, Exalted Guards, Pureblades, and more - powerful champions from the elven forest of Argos to the shining capital city of Therion. Hack and slash your way across a...