Internal Tech: A Retrospective

31st March 2016 Andrew Wesson

Here at Demiurge, we can move around a lot from project to project. That’s not always the case, but if you like variety, there’s plenty of it here to go around. For a while I had been on some of our newer projects, but recently I moved back onto Marvel Puzzle Quest for a short stint. Seeing our 3 year old codebase for the first time in over a year made me realize how far our tech has come since then.

Back in the day, Demiurge did a lot of contract work. This meant jumping in and out of...

iOS 64-bit

1st April 2015 Demiurge Studios Team

As of February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the Apple App Store must include 64-bit support. Our engine was already “64-bit ready”, but there are always surprises and new challenges when adding support for a new architecture or platform, and iOS 64-bit was no different. While updating Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS 64-bit, we also managed to make a pass at making the engine more robust and consistent and now our engine is in a better place now to handle memory paradigm shifts in the future....

Develop Forward

3rd October 2014 Kevin Teich

Marvel Puzzle Quest launched a year ago and people started playing it. They also started talking about it. As we received more and more feedback from players, we wanted to react more and more.

At the time we made a new release every two weeks. To implement a change it would take 1-2 weeks to finish the release we were working on, 2 weeks to implement the new feature in the next release, a few days to test and fix bugs, and 1-2 weeks for Apple to approve it. That’s 4-6 weeks to respond to...

“Going Live in 3, 2, 1…”

16th September 2014 Kurt Reiner

Hello and welcome to the Demiurge Engineering Blog!

Two years ago we started working on a game called Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s a free-to-play slugfest plus match-3 puzzle game set in the Marvel Comics universe. There’s a lot of design brilliance that drives the gameplay progression, the character ability systems, and the overall economy. The super cool Marvel characters provide a phenomenal launch pad.

But there are also super cool engineering efforts which bring all of that to life....