Internal Tech: A Retrospective

31st March 2016 Andrew Wesson

Here at Demiurge, we can move around a lot from project to project. That’s not always the case, but if you like variety, there’s plenty of it here to go around. For a while I had been on some of our newer projects, but recently I moved back onto Marvel Puzzle Quest for a short stint. Seeing our 3 year old codebase for the first time in over a year made me realize how far our tech has come since then.

Back in the day, Demiurge did a lot of contract work. This meant jumping in and out of...

Just-in-Time Content Delivery

12th February 2015 Joseph Zupko

To deliver a rich mobile game experience in a reasonable time, much of the texture data that a player sees in a game of Marvel Puzzle Quest is downloaded on-demand and just-in-time. This includes character portraits, effect images, and comic covers. We use a few tricks to make this as seamless and as smooth as possible.

If a quad is rendered with a texture that has not been downloaded, that quad will fade-in once that texture is ready, to avoid unsightly pop. To minimize instances of...

Tech Stack Overview

24th September 2014 Owen Raccuglia

A few people have asked us about the technology behind Marvel Puzzle Quest’s multiplayer servers. Here’s a list of all the different tools and services we use.

The service is a Python-driven HTTP-based API. It’s written in the Django framework, and web requests are served by gunicorn and nginx. We also have a collection of asynchronous jobs, like issuing post-event rewards, which we run with APScheduler.

Our data is stored in PostgreSQL, which we chose for its focus on data integrity and...

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“Going Live in 3, 2, 1…”

16th September 2014 Kurt Reiner

Hello and welcome to the Demiurge Engineering Blog!

Two years ago we started working on a game called Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s a free-to-play slugfest plus match-3 puzzle game set in the Marvel Comics universe. There’s a lot of design brilliance that drives the gameplay progression, the character ability systems, and the overall economy. The super cool Marvel characters provide a phenomenal launch pad.

But there are also super cool engineering efforts which bring all of that to life....