Advent Rising

Client: GlyphX

Publisher Majesco and Developer GlyphX approached Demiurge in the late stages of Advent Rising’s development looking for assistance getting the project to fit into the memory needed to ship on consoles. Demiurge Studios assembled a team of artists and programmers who worked vigorously to squeeze the product into the allotted memory. Demiurge Studios’s seasoned team developed an aggressive memory cutting plan and then worked in conjunction with the artists and programmers at GlyphX to successfully get the title into the allotted memory budgets. Using a combination of smart content optimizations that maintained the quality of the artwork and raw programming talent, Demiurge’s team was able to cut the footprint of levels by over 50%!

Advent Rising Lead Programmer Geremy Mustard had this to say about the work Demiurge Studios did for the project:

“Our publisher wanted Advent Rising to ship fast, but our memory footprint was way beyond the limit of the XBox. We had to optimize our engine quickly, and we turned to Demiurge for help. With their knowledge of the Unreal Engine, they were able to attack our problems from all angles, helping us reduce memory without sacrificing quality. Their ability to analyze the situation and break it down into manageable tasks impressed me, but I was blown away by their efficient execution and on-time delivery. Next time I will bring them on board much sooner!”